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  • Altitude
  • Railway Station
    Panvel - 60km
  • Airport
    Mumbai - 100km
  • Best Time to Visit
    Any Time
  • Any Time
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  • Temprature
    Summer - 25°C to 35°C
  • Winter - 20°C to 30°C
  • Road Distance
    From Pune - 140km
  • From Nashik - 230km

Holiday In Alibaug - Aao Chale

This is Alibaug tour guide, also find here Alibaug holiday packages , Alibaug tour packages and hotels in Alibaug .

Alibaug is a small coastal town and headquarter of Raigad district in Konkan region of Maharashtra. It was developed by Sarkhel Kanoji Aanfrethe the naval chief of Maratha king Shivaji.  An Israelite named Ali used to live there at that time. He was a rich man and owned many plantations of mangoes and coconuts in his gardens. Hence the locals used to call the place "Alichi Bagh"(Marathi for "Gardens of Ali"), or simply "Alibaug" and hence the name became popular.

Alibaug is a famous tourist and weekend destination for people of Mumbai and Maharashtra. It is dotted with scenic beaches, historical fort, temples and churches. It provides a traveler a cool retreat as well as opportunity of Adventures and water sports.

So aao chale Alibaug !!

The best way recommended to reach Alibaug is in your own vehicle or hired taxi. The buses are available from Mumbai/pune but can take lot of time, Rail connectivity is not direct and one had to get down at panvel then by road. Alibaug can also be reached from Mumbai through privately operated ferry’s. By road Alibaug is around 100 km from Mumbai via panvel/pen  in Mumbai-Goa highway and takes 3 hours to reach. From pune its 140km via pen.

Although Alibaug can be visited throughout the year but the best time will be during early monsoons or during Sep to Feb when the weather becomes pleasant. There are lots of accommodation options available in Alibaug and you can choose one according to your budget and preference. Once you reach Alibaug you can do lot of things depending on your taste. 

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Places Of Interest in Alibaug

Beaches Alibaug

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Alibaug is mostly visited by tourists for its scenic beaches which have vast expanses of clean and soft sand and fresh breeze coming from the sea. A lot of activities are enjoyed by tourists on the beach like banana boat ride, Jet ski, parasailing, diving or building sand castles on the beach.

Apart from the main Alibaug beach there are lot of other beautiful beaches around like Nagaon beach, Mandawa beach, Kashid Beach, Akshi Beach. You will find lot of eateries around the beaches offering you sea food, Konkani delicacies, bhelpuri , pav bhaji etc. 

Alibag/kolaba Fort Alibaug

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  • Alibaug tourist places

Built by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in 1652 the majestic fort is just a short distance from the shore and is visited by lot of tourists as a historic monument of Shivaji Maharaj.

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