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    750 ft
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  • Temprature
    Summer - 30°C to 40°C
  • Winter - 5°C to 15°C
  • Road Distance
    From Delhi/NCR – 470km
  • From Chandigarh – 235km
  • From Jaipur – 640km

Holiday In Amritsar - Aao Chale

This is Amritsar tour guide, also find here Amritsar holiday packages , Amritsar tour packages and hotels in Amritsar .

Amritsar one of the largest city in the state of Punjab is the spiritual centre for the Sikh religion being the home to Harmandir Sahib(Golden Temple) the most sacred shrine for Sikh community. It is one of the most visited place in India by tourists. The city was founded by the Fourth Sikh Guru RamDasji.

Today among the tourist the city is famous for visiting Golden Temple , Wagha Border and Jaliwala Baug apart from being a food haven for foodies

So Aao chale Amritsar !!

If you live in Punjab or nearby States the best option is  just pick your car or hire a cab and drive directly to Amritsar as this will save you lot of time and you could visit in and around city easily. Amritsar is very well connected and can be reached by Air/Rail/Bus directly from all the major towns in North. Amritsar Railway station and Amritsar Airport connects the city to rest of India. Once in Amritsar apart from visiting places do try makki-di-roti and sarson-da-saag with huge glass of Lassi. 

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Places Of Interest in Amritsar

Swarn Mandir (Golden Temple) Amritsar

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Swarn Mandir (Golden Temple) is the main attraction of visitors of Amritsar city and is the most sacred Gurudwara Harmandir Sahib or Darbar Sahib of Sikh community. It’s a two story gurudwara which is gold plated on the top a marvel of architecture and is surrounded by the Amrit Sarovar a lake of Holy water where devotees take the holy dip. There is a narrow walkway of around 202 feet X 21 feet which leads to the temple. Swarn Mandir is open 24 hours and many people visit it during the night when the beautiful lightings decorating it are visible.

The Guru Granth Sahib, which is the holy book of the Sikh, lies inside the Golden Temple and there are shrines dedicated to the Sikh gurus, saints and martyrs also.

Directly opposite the Harmandir Sahib is Akal Takht meaning "The Timeless" , and it is where the highest council of Sikhs sits and deliberates. At night, the Guru Granth Sahib is taken to the Akal Takht.

Central Sikh Museum is also there in the golden temple with large gallery of paintings mostly showing the gruesome ways countless Sikhs had been martyred fighting against injustice and cruelty they had faced in the past.

All Sikhs are expected at some point in their lives to volunteer for a week at the temple, and everyone you see working there is fulfilling that duty.

Visitors are required to remove their shoes and cover their head before entering the temple.

Wagha Border Amritsar

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Attari Wagah Border is the place along the border which connects India and Pakistan by Road and is a part of Grand Trunk Road leading to Lahore from Inida. It is located around 30km from Amritsar can be reached by bus, auto or taxi from Golden Temple. It has become a famous spot for tourists to witness the ‘lowering of the Flags’ ceremony being held in the evening around 4.30 pm everyday and lasts for around 50 minutes. During the ceremony BSF of India and Pakistan Rangers perform energetic procedures and ends with national anthem. 

Jallianwala Bagh Amritsar

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Jallianwala Bagh is located close to Golden Temple and is known for the massacre of unarmed peaceful protesters by the hand of British army on 13th April 1919 before independence. British Army soldiers opened fire on an unarmed gathering of men, women and children at the order of their Officer. The firing lasted about 10 minutes and 1650 rounds were fired, killing 1579 people. A memorial was built on the site and inaugurated by the then-President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad on 13 April 1961. To this day the bullet holes can be seen on the walls and adjoining buildings. The well into which many people jumped and drowned attempting to save themselves from the hail of bullets is also a protected monument inside the park. Visitors come here to pay their homage to the martyrs who were killed in the incident.  

Ram Tirth Amritsar

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Ram Tirth is a short distance of 11 kms outside the city of Amritsar and isi believed to be the birth place of Luv and Kush the sons of Shri Ram and Mata Sita. This place has great religious significance and attracts huge number of devotees. The place gets a special mention in the great Hindu epic “Ramayana”. This place was once the ashram of Rishi Valmiki. The saint is believed to have scripted many of his sacred manuscripts at this place. As per the mythological beliefs Sita got shelter in Maharishi Valmiki’s hermitage after Rama deserted her. After Mata Sita gave birth to Luv and Kush at this ashram Rishi Valmiki trained and made them proficient in the realms of religious and social life besides intricacies of warfare. At the site of the temple there is a hut where Mata Sita gave birth to Luv and Kush. There is a large sacred tank here that is said to have been dug by Lord Hanuman himself.

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