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    600 ft(avg)
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    Summer - 30°C to 40°C
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    From Agra – 230 Km
  • From Jaipur – 270 km
  • From Chandigarh – 270 km

Holiday In Delhi - Aao Chale

This is Delhi tour guide, also find here Delhi holiday packages , Delhi tour packages and hotels in Delhi .

Delhi the capital of India is the largest city in India in terms of Land area as well as population. Delhi has been continuously inhabited since the 6th century BC. Through most of its history, Delhi has served as a capital of various kingdoms and empires. It has been captured, ransacked and rebuilt several times. There is no timeline in history to tell its start, once it was the site of ancient Indraprastha (khandavprastha) the ancient capital of the Pandavas during the Mahabharata and in later part ruled by Indian, Afgan and Mughal kings and by Britishers till independence in 1947. Delhi has always been the seat of power from time to time and so after Independence naturally became the capital city of India.

Today Delhi is seen a city that bridges two different worlds. Old Delhi, once the capital of Islamic India with narrow lanes lined with crumbling havelis and formidable mosques and other part New Delhi created by the Britishers composed of spacious, tree-lined avenues and imposing government buildings. In Delhi you will discover that the city is sprinkled with dazzling gems like captivating ancient monuments, fascinating museums and art galleries, architectural wonders, a vivacious performing-arts scene, fabulous eating places, bustling markets and places with latest Infrastructure and development.

So aao Chale Delhi !!

Being the capital of India reaching Delhi is not at all any issue. The city is well connected with direct flights from all major places in India and Abroad. The huge railway and Highway network connects Delhi with all major cities of India. Just simply choose your mode of transport and reach Delhi. Once in Delhi you will find that every area of this city has one or other thing for any visitor and it solely depends on the purpose of your visit to assort your place of interest from numerous. Delhi offers you lodging and boarding facility of each and every range.

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Places Of Interest in Delhi

Red Fort Delhi

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Red Fort more popularly known as  Lal Quila stands strong on the banks of the river Yamuna. It is surrounded by a wall of about 2.4Kilometers in circumference and is built of Red Sandstone. The Mughal king Shah Jahan completed it in 1648.The fort has two main entrances, the Delhi Gate and the Lahori Gate. You will find a photo in front of Red fort from any traveler’s album.

Qutub Minar Delhi

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Qutub Minar was built by muslim king Qutub-ud-din in 1199  and completed by Itutmish his successer.  It is situated in the southern part of the capital. The height of the tower is about 72.5 meter high and there is a mosque at its base. The stairs of the tower has 379 steps and has a base diameter of 14.3 metres, which narrows to 2.7 metres at the top. 

In front the Qutub Minar there is an iron pillar which is believed that it was built in 5th century. The uniqueness part of the pillar is that it has not caught rust ever since it was built and pillar is "a living testimony to the skill of metallurgists of ancient India". 

India Gate Delhi

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INDIA GATE primarily a memorial to the unknown soldier was Designed by Lutyens. The 42 metre high structure is a war memorial in honour of the soldiers who died during the second world war. The imposing structure from where stretch massive lush green lawns has an eternal flame (Amar Jawan Jyoti) to honour the memory of the unknown soldiers. India Gate prominently located in the vicinity of Rastrapati Bhavan is a major crowd puller during the hot summer evenings of Delhi by virtue of its lush green lawns.

Raj Ghat Delhi

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Raj Ghat is a Samadhi/memorial to Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi on the banks of river yamuna. Several other memorials of other famous leaders can be found in the vicinity of Raj Ghat.

Akshardham temple Delhi

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Akshardahm Temple is the largest Hindu Temple in the world. It was built in 2005. It is spread in approximately 100acres. Designed in accordance with ancient Vedic text known as the Sthapaty shastra or Vastu Shashtra. It is amazingly constructed from Rajasthani pink sandstone and has no support from steel or concrete. It houses 20000 statues/murtis and 148 scale sized elephants. Visiting Akshardham is on top list of any Delhi Visitor and one can see musical show at the garden as well during night.

Lotus temple Delhi

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Lotus temple is the great example of today’s structural design which recently become one of the most visited places in Delhi. A large lotus shape building attracts numbers of visitors from all over the world every day. It is the symbol of unity of all religions, blended with ponds, gardens and grass land. It is the excellent place if you want calm and reduce stress. Generally it opens all days.

Humayun’s Tomb Delhi

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Humayuns Tomb seems draw the inspiration from Taj Mahal as it looks similar to it. It is a great peace of Mughals architecture and design and is visited by number of visitors every day.

Markets Delhi

Cannought place, chandni chowk , Nehru place, lajpat nagar etc are some of the prime markets located in Delhi where you can find all kind of products in your shopping list. There are world class five star hotels, showrooms of almost all brands, Variety of restaurants, multiplexer/theaters, nightclub/pubs in Delhi.

Museums & Parks Delhi

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Just like its history and monuments, the museums and Modern day parks of Delhi fascinate any visitors to spend some quality time.

Some of the prominent are National museum of Natural history, National Rail Museum,Indira Gandhi Memorial, Gandhi Museum, National gallery of Modern art etc and parks like Garden of Five Senses, India Gate Lawns, Buddha Jayanti Park, Lodhi Gardens, Deer Park, Zoological Garden etc.


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