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    10 ft
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    Puri - 30km
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    Bhuvaneshwar - 65km
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    Any Time
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    Summer - 30°C to 40°C
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Holiday In Konark Sun Temple - Aao Chale

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Konark is a small town in the Puri district in the state of Orissa. It lies on the coast of Bay of Bengal and is 65 kilometers from the capital of the state Bhubaneswar. Konark is famous for being the site of the 13th-century Sun Temple  also known as the Black Pagoda, built in black granite during the reign of Narasimhadeva-I. The temple is now a World Heritage Site and is under the Archaeological Survey of India. The temple is visited by large number of tourists both Indian and foreigners every day. The Konarak temple also marks the culmination of the temple building architecture in Orissa. Apart from the depiction of the stone wheels and the caparisoned horses drawing the colossal chariot of Sun God the Konarak Temple is a great example of the Indian temple architecture.

Konark is not only an ideal heritage destination but also famous for beaches, scenic beauties and colourful festivals. The "Konark Dance Festival" held every year is a great attraction , an occasion for a grand congregation of Indian pilgrims and enthusiasts from abroad whichfalls on the seventh day of the new moon of Magha which falls in december.

So aao chale Konark !!

Konark can be reached from Bhubaneshwar which is at a distance of 65 km, by taxis and rented cars. Bhubaneshwar is well connected by flights to major Indian cities. The nearest train station is at Puri, which is around 29 km away. Most tourists would find it comfortable to make a day trip to Konark from Puri or Bhubaneswar and return, rather than stay overnight at hotels in Konark. Usually travellers starts from Puri and covers Bhubaneswar and Konark in a day-trip. But to take a break away from the humdrum of the main city Konark is the best place to enjoy serenity.

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Places Of Interest in Konark Sun Temple

Sun temple Konark Sun Temple

The Konark Sun Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site built in 13th century in the honor of the sun-god Surya. The entire temple was designed in the shape of a colossal chariot with 24 wheels about three meters high and pulled by seven horses, carrying the sun god, Surya, across the heavens. Surya has been a popular deity in India since the Vedic period.

The Temple compound measures 857 ft by 540 ft with alignment in the east-west direction. The major entrance in the temple is place on the east side and it faces the sea. This entrance is located in the façade of bhogamandapa which is also known as the Hall of Offerings. The sculptures of dancers as well as musicians is engraved on the walls of this hall, hence the hall was later used for the traditional dance recital.On the western side of the temple lies the sanctuary tower which are now nothing but just a clutter of various sandstone slabs which are kept one over another. This impressive construction is believed to have a pyramidical roof commonly known as Jaganmohan. The roof of jagamohana has a roof that has around 3 tiers and many statutes are placed over them. The statutes are either of dancers or the musicians. The stairs that takes you up towards the Statute of Surya is located beyond the terrace. The statute of the Sun god is carved out a huge green colored chlorite stone. It is supposed to be the most beautiful work of art present in Konark. However, the entrance door to the Jaganmohan is currently closed due to rapid fall of debris and stones from the ceiling.

Konark Museum Konark Sun Temple

Archaeological Survey of India Museum is located outside the Konark Sun Temple. Founded in 1968, the museum holds exhibit of 260 antiquities that were found in and around the premises of Sun Temple. The exhibition is displayed in the four galleries within the museum that are open for public from 9.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M. except on Friday and the entry is free. One must visit this museum to understand the full grandness of the Sun Temple

Chandrabhaga Sea Beach Konark Sun Temple

Situated 3km east of the famous Sun temple of Konark and 30km from Puri, Chandrabhaga is rich in its marine resources. A light house, close by Chandrabhaga is an added histrionic to the splendor of the place. A climb to its top truly takes you to a world of utopia. A natural deer park is recent additions to the riches of Chandrabhaga.

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