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Holiday In Udaipur - Aao Chale

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The city of Udaipur in the state of Rajasthan is often referred to as the ‘Venice of East’ or ‘City of Lakes’ because of the presence of Lake Pichola, Fateh Sagar Lake, Lake Udai Sagar and Lake Swaroop Sagar in the city. It is also famous for being the city of great rajput warrior Maharana Pratap whose father Maharaja Udai Singh founded this city as the capital of Mewar Kingdom.

Tourists flock to this enchanting city which has forts, palaces, temples, gardens, mountains and narrow lanes lined with stalls selling traditional rajasthani dresses etc and receive lakhs of travelers from all over the world every year. Because of its picturesque and scenic locations, Udaipur has been the shooting location for many Hollywood and Bollywood movies

So aao chale Udaipur!!

Udaipur is well connected to the major cities of India by Air,Rail and Highway.It has airport 20km form the city. Railways connect this city to all important cites of India and it lies on the Important and best highway of India between Delhi and Mumbai so even driving few hundred km to reach Udaipur is easy and saves lot of time by taxi or by your own vehicle. Buses to Udaipur are regular from all over Rajasthan and interstate from Delhi, Gujarat and MP.

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Places Of Interest in Udaipur

City Palace Udaipur

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The splendid City Palace, posing over the fascinating Lake Pichola, is one of the most beautiful palatial structures in Rajasthan. The elegant palace, originally built by Maharana Uday Singh II, rises 30 meters above Lake Pichola and extends up to 244 meters. Udaipur City Palace is not just one structure but a complex of small and big palaces, museums and gardens. The unique aspect of this conglomeration is that the architectural design (a rich blend of Rajasthani, Mughal, Medieval, European and Chinese architecture) is distinctly homogeneous and eye catching. The palace complex has been built entirely in granite and marble. The interior with its balconies, towers and cupolas exhibits delicate mirror work, marble work, murals, wall paintings, silver work, inlay work and colored glass mosaics. The complex provides a fine view of the lake and the city from its upper terraces. The main part of the palace is now preserved as a museum displaying a large and diverse array of artefacts. Down steps from the entrance is the armoury museum exhibiting a huge collection of protective gear, weapons including the lethal two-pronged sword and another part has been converted into heritage hotels.

Lake Palace Udaipur

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Situated on the Jag Niwas Island in the middle of Lake Pichola, the Lake Palace is the most compelling of Udaipur’s attractions. It was built by Maharana Jagat Singh II almost two and a half centuries ago and is now converted as the Taj Lake Palace, one of the most beautiful and romantic hotels in the world. Surrounded by beautiful neighborhood of  Aravalli Hills and city palace as backdrop the lake palace looks magnificent.

Jag Mandir Palace Udaipur

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The beautiful Jag Mandir Palace sits majestically on an island on the magnificent Lake Pichola. The construction of this palace was completed by Maharana Jagat Singh in the mid-17th century and was used as a summer resort by the royal family. The palace is an architectural marvel adorned with marble structures of eight elephants, spacious courtyards and gleaming white marble tiles. The views surrounding the palace are spectacular, especially during sunset.

Udaipur Lakes Udaipur

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Lake Pichola is one of the most beautiful lakes in India and a much sought-after tourist attraction in Udaipur A boat ride on the Lake Pichola is a must while on a visit to Udaipur. Tourists can enjoy scenic views of the majestic City Palace complex and beautiful structures that line the lake side.

Fateh Sagar Lake was constructed towards the north of Lake Pichola.Lake and was built by Maharana Jai Singh is the second of Udaipur's four man-made lakes. Three small islands grace Fateh Sagar, the largest being NEHRU PARK, a popular garden island with a restaurant and zoo. The second island is a public park with a spectacular water-jet fountain, the third island houses the Udaipur solar observatory. A peaceful spot not far from the city centre, the lake is a popular leisure area for picnics and water recreation in hired pedal boats.

Udai Sagar lake is 15 km east of Udaipur on the Berach river. Maharana UDAI SINGH II in 1559 made this lake mainly  to give the city a secure water supply and later its used now for  agricultural and leisure purposes. 

Pratap Museum Udaipur

City Palace Museum has a remarkable collection of ancient sculptures, curios, antiques and inscriptions of the bygone era. Located inside the complex of City Palace, this museum is also known as Pratap Museum. As you enter the City Palace, the straightway will take you to this museum of artifacts. The entrance gate of the City Museum is known as Ganesh Deori, which means "Door of Lord Ganesha". It have a armory museum that exhibits a vast collection of protective gear, weapons including the fatal two-pronged sword. Pratap Museum houses the armor of the chivalrous Maharana Pratap. You can trace the drums and bugles of Rana Sanga too. The museum also posses antique paintings of Mewar and detailed Rajasthani art. Here, you will find an unusual assortment of coins, sculptures, inscriptions, portraits and wall-paintings.  'Zenana Mahal' is the main place where you can see arms and armor, paintings and photographs, majestic insignia, processional accouterments and various other objects that reveals the royal legacy and conventions of the Maharanas of Mewar . 

Car museum Udaipur

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The collection within the grounds of the Garden Hotel comprises a variety of classic and interestingly rare transportation vehicles, some stately and vintage like Cadalec, Chevalate, Morais etc., while the others are sleek and fast.

The Maharanas of Udaipur once possessed and used these regal splendours of automobiles as their luxuries but most of the other models are gradually being added to the collection, since it provides a unique aristocratic safari for the exclusive guests.

Jagdish temple Udaipur

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Udaipur is home to some of the oldest temples in India. One of the most popular temples is the Jagdish Temple located in the City Palace complex. Representing the true Indo-Aryan style of architecture, this temple was built by Maharana Jagat Singh and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The four-armed idol of Lord Vishnu that stands in the main shrine is an astonishing work of art, carved out of a single piece of black stone. This three-storied temple is a wonder of architecture that comprises beautifully carved pillars, decorated ceilings, painted walls and lush halls. The spire of the main temple is around 79 feet high that undoubtedly dominates the skyline of Udaipur. This shikhar is decorated with sculptures of dancers, elephants, horsemen and musicians making it truly a sight to behold.

Kumbhalgarh Fort and Sanctuary Udaipur

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Kumbalgarh is situated 82 km northwest of Udaipur by road. It is at 4000ft above sea level and has perimeter walls which is the second largest wall in Asia extend 36 kilometres. There are over 360 temples within the fort and from top it is possible to look tens of kilometers from here at the sand dunes of thar desert. Apart from the fort the area adjoining the fort is a wildlife Sanctuary and includes wolf, leopards, sloth bear, hyena, jackal, jungle cat, smabhar, nilgai, chausingha, chinkara etc apart from variety of birds. Kumbhalgarh’s natural beauty attracts many tourists every day.


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