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  • Altitude
    12000 ft
  • Railway Station
    Haridwar – 310 km
  • Airport
    Jollygrant – 300km
  • Best Time to Visit
    July to Sep
  • Not Open
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  • Temprature
    Summer - 10°C to 20°C
  • Winter - -10°C to 5°C
  • Road Distance
    From Dehradun – 330km
  • From Delhi/NCR – 530 km
  • From Chandigarh - 500km

Holiday In Valley of Flowers - Aao Chale

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Do you know from where Hanumanji brought Sanjivani booti for Lakshman?

Yes you are thinking right, it is believed that the place was what is now known as Valley of Flower ( Fulo ki Ghati ). The presence of rare and several varieties of medicinal herbs and flowers in the valley uphold this legendary belief.The Valley of flowers is spread in approx 90 sqkm picturesque landscape and is 8km long and 2km wide. It is in the chamoli district of uttarakhand state between the Zanskar mountain ranges of Great Himalayas. Local people have visited the valley since ancient times. Indian yogis are known to have visited the valley for meditation. The Valley of Flowers has many different colorful flowers, taking on various shades of colors as time progressed. The valley was declared a National Park in 1982 and now it is a World Heritage Site.

Surrounded by magnificent mountain ranges , majestic peaks and crystal clear streams this valley comes to live during the month of monsoon when many colorful flowers blooms and converts the place into a fairy tale land worth visiting.

So aao chale Valley of Flowers !!

Valley of flowers is a trek of 17 km from the nearest motorable small town of Govindghat. Govindghat is very well connected by road to all parts of Uttarakhand with regular bus services. If you are coming from outside Uttarakhand you need to first reach Haridwar which is the nearest railway station well connected to all major cities of India. Direct buses to Haridwar are also available from Delhi as well as other major towns of north India. From Haridwar Govindhghat is around 300kms. The most convenient way is to hire a taxi which can take you to Govindghat via devpriyag , rudrapriyag, karnprayag, nandpriyag and Joshimath. If you like driving and good at it on extreme hilly roads you can follow the same route. From Govindghat a trek of 14km surrounded by greenery and scent of flowers you reach Gangaria which is another small settlement and 3 km before the valley of flowers. On the way you will find many Sikh pilgrims on the same route to Gurudwara Hemkund Sahib which is also reached from Gangaria. Here you need to get a permit from Forest Department which is valid for three days and visiting and trekking is allowed only during day time because there is no place to stay and visitors are not allowed to stay in Valley of flowers. So the best option is to get accommodation at Gangaria, rest at night and start you trek to valley of flowers early in the morning so that you can finish and return back by evening. 

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Places Of Interest in Valley of Flowers

Valley of Flower National Park Valley of Flowers

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The place was little known to outside world due its inaccessibility. In 1931, Frank S. Smyth, Eric Shipton and R.L. Holdsworth, all British mountaineers, lost their way while returning from a successful expedition to Mt.Kamet and happened upon the valley, which was full of flowers. They were attracted to the beauty of the area and named it the "Valley of Flowers." Frank Smythe later authored a book of the same name.

The place is spread between low, middle and higher alpine ranges and includes valley, river bed, forests, meadows, slopes , stone desert and caves. Because of this diversity the valley of flower is full of around 600 varieties of plants and trees which gives it the colorful look during the monsoon season when flowers bloom and gives the whole valley its eye catching scenery. The Valley of Flowers has long been acknowledged by renowned mountaineers, botanists, and in literature for possessing large variety of medicinal plants apart from others which are considered as rare and are not found anywhere in the world. If you are a nature lover and want to see the best of natural beauty at display then Valley of Flowers is a perfect destination for you to quench your thrust and catch your imagination with is variety of orchids, poppies, primulas, marigold, and daisies flowers.

Wild Life Valley of Flowers

  • Valley of Flowers holiday packages
  • Valley of Flowers tourist places
  • Valley of Flowers photos

Although the density of wild animals is not high in the valley but you are lucky enough you could get a chance to see some of the very rare and endangered species of animals here which include Musk deer , blue sheep , leopard , Himalayan brown bear , flying squirrel and some rare variety of antelopes apart from common grey langur , red fox etc.  

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