• Country:
  • State:
  • Altitude
    10,797 ft
  • Railway Station
    Dehradun - 180 km
  • Airport
    Jollygrant – 200 km
  • Best Time to Visit
    April to June
  • Sep to Nov
  • Visitors Say
  • Temprature
    Summer - 10°C to 20°C
  • Winter - -10°C to 10°C
  • Road Distance
    From Haridwar – 225 km
  • From Delhi/NCR – 440km
  • From Agra – 670km

Holiday In Yamunotri - Aao Chale

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Yamunotri is one of the holiest centers of Hindu pilgrimage, sacred abode of the Asti muni , the source of Yamuna River and is one of the Himalayan Char Dham. Yamunotri is the westernmost shrine of Uttrakhand and is generally first place to visit on Char Dham yatra.

The source of Yamuna River is Yamunotri Glacier near the Bandarpunch peak. The area is surrounded by snow capped mountains and thermal springs.

The temple of Yamunotri, on the left bank of the Yamuna, was constructed by Maharaja Pratap Shah of Tehri Garhwal. Yamuna like Ganga is one of the Holy rivers for Hindus and according to Hindu tradition, Yamuna is the sister of Yama, the god of death and a holy dip in this river secures a peaceful death to the devotee. The temple remain closed during winter and reopens on Akshay Tritiya falling during April and remains open till Diwali which falls in Oct.

A thrilling and exhilarating location in the footsteps of Garhwal mountain ranges, Yamunotri proffers picturesque surroundings with the awesome shrubs, lush meadows and gushing cascades. A legendary place, which demands lots of courage and stamina to reach, Yamunotri, would be a perfect place for those who love escapades. The trek to Yamunotri is magnificent, subjugated by mind stilling views of craggy peaks and intense forests.

So aao chale Yamunotri !!

The nearest motorable road to Yamunotri is upto Hanumanchatti. From hanumanchatti you travel 5km by jeep upto Phoolchatti, from phoolchatti you need to trek 8km to reach Yamunotri via JankiChatti. Hanumanchatti is well connected to all parts of uttarakhand by road. There are two ways to reach Hanumanchatti one is from Dehradun via massoorie/barkot and other from Rishikesh via Tehri/Barkot. For the pilgrims coming from outside uttarakhand the best way to reach Yamunotri is via Haridwar/Rishikesh which are connected to rest of India by Air/Rail/Highway. Once you reach Haridwar/Rishikesh you can book a taxi or can board a bus directly to hanumanchatti. Those coming on their own vehicle can follow this route. 

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Yamunotri Trek and Surroundings Yamunotri

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Piligrimage yatra to yumunotri is itself a lovely tekking experience through mountains , green forests with between fresh and clear wind blowing on your face coming from the majestic snow peaks of the Haimalayas. At every step you will want to look around and admire the place around you. Yamunotri area is also famous for the many natural thermal springs which are found in the nearby places. Some of them are very hot that you can not take bath in them. One of the most renowned thermal spring is Surya kund which has the temperature of around There are many natural thermal springs in Yamunotri of which Surya Kund is renowned. The water of Surya Kund has a surprising temperature of 1900F. Pilgrims tie potatoes and rice to cook it by immersing it under water of Surya Kund. After cooking it is served as ‘prasad’.

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