Summer Vacations

Yippee !!  The summer time is coming. Your friends will go on holiday, your neighbors will go on holiday , your colleague will go on holiday , your boss will go on holiday, your kids will have school holidays.

Have you planned for summer vacation 2015??  Not yet? Then do it now because the best time is this time to avoid season rush.

Summer vacations are the prime time for most of the Indian to plan their holiday with friends and family. Some people plan for a short vacation some people plan for longer. Some people go to nearby places some go to distant places. Some go for adventure some go for hill stations. So what is your taste?

Whatever your plan is, here are 5 tips for you to make your summer vacations a great vacation for 2015.

1. Prepare for your summer vacation in advance

This is no brainer to most of you but let us remind you that advance planning of your vacation will help you save a lot on cost and gives you lot of options to choose. Advance planning will help you get low cost tickets as well as possibly confirm tickets. Secondly you will get good choices of hotels for availability at his point of time rather than in peak season.

Do read our blog Checklist before you go on vacation also for this

2. Choose best timing

It doesn’t matter whether you went to holiday on starting of season or peak season or ending of season. What matters is your enjoyment and comfort. Some of the holiday location in India becomes over crowded during peak season and people get caught in traffic jams while reaching there. Some places seem to become so crowded with people that the charm is lost. However if you feel comfortable in this situation also then there is no on stopping you to go in top peak season, but for those who want a peaceful and comfortable holiday should avoid top peak time.

3. Choose best location as per your taste

Generally observing the nearer a destination to a major city the more will be the rush. So the tip is to choose a location which will be a little distant form a major city but should be of your taste. Indians are gifted with numerous choices for vacation in their own country then anyone in the world. Want to feel Antarctica go to trekking in Himalayan snow clad mountains. Want to feel Sahara desert go to thar desert , want to feel the Amazon jungle experience go to wildlife sanctuaries , want to fell like Switzerland go to hill stations in Himalaya, want the feel of Caribbean beaches  go to Andaman. The choices are unlimited so choose the best suited for you.

4. How many days?

So you are planning for holiday, good!!  But for how many days?

Trust me this is very important to decide for how many days you are going to stay on vacation. The reason being if you are going to a place which have lot of options to explore and enjoy then a 4 day vacation will look like rushing from one place to other in order to cover all. On the other hand if the place is smaller and you plan a full week holiday there than you will feel little bored as there will be nothing new to explore after 3rd day. So you must read about the place and get as much information about the place before deciding number of day of vacation.

5. Accommodation

Last but not the least, it is very important to get a nice and comfortable stay arrangement in a hotel / resort etc etc for a great vacation. Check out hotel reviews and recommendations from all sources before booking one. If you are going through a travel agency do get full details and information about itinerary, no of days, hotel and other important services as offered by them.

These are not all but just 5 tips from us to help you prepare for a great summer vacation in 2015.

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Happy Holidays !!    Aao chale !!

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