1. Have a PLAN

Before you go on a holiday make sure to ask yourself these questions,  where are you going , with whom are you going, how many of you are going , how you are travelling , where are you going to stay, how many days you going , what are you going to do on holiday. If you get a clear answers of these questions then it is sure that you have made a good holiday plan. If not,  you may be going on an adventure holiday !!

2. Have confirm tickets for travelling

Now that you have a plan please check whether you have got confirm tickets of Train,bus or Air for all the members travelling. This is most important because during holiday seasons there is always a huge rush and waiting tickets generally dont get confirm till the last day. Make sure that you have confirm tickets in your hands at least a week before your travel

3. Travel comfotably

If you are travelling by your own vehicle or private vehicle make sure that it accommodates all of you travelling comfortably along with the luggage you are carrying. We have seen people travelling in crumpled conditions even in their own vehicle , this make the journey very uncomfortable for some and may suck all energy or enthusism out of you. Travelling is a fun keep it the same way with comfort and enjoy your ride.

4. Carry Tool Kit in Vehicle

If travelling by your own vehicle ensure that your vehicle is upto the mark for such travel. Do not think that your city car will be climbing the himalaya comfortably. Before venturing out get the vehicle serviced and inspected by a mechanic couple of days before if necessary. Always keep a spare wheel with you, rectify the flat tyre at the very next place without thinking that you have just changed the tyre after this one got flat. Ensure that full Tool Kit is there in your vehicle.

5. Confirm Hotel Booking in Advance

  • You need to have a confirmed booking at the hotel where you going to stay on holiday. You should check with the hotel whether they provide pick&drop service from the nearest airport/railway station/Bus Stand. Before you leave your house for holiday do give a call to the hotel and inform them about your possible reaching time and arrangement of pickup this inturn confirms the hotel that you are on the way. If you have done the hotel booking through a booking agent then it is necessary to do this and check directly with hotel your booking status.
  • Get the contact number of the hotel and save it on your mobile phone. This will help you.
  • You should also read carefully and understand all information related to payment and cancellations related to your bookings before doing bookings either directly or through travel agent.
  • Check out for a travel insurance policy. This could help you a lot in case of unforeseen circumstances and incidences.

6. Travel Packing

Hand baggage – when doing your packing always have a separate handbag with you, may be couple of handbags for a family. This should contain all the things you may need any time like I-Cards, tickets , camera , torch , books , towels, sunglasses, travel chargers, mobiles, camera cells, first Aid kit with common medicines,cosmetics, some currency and some snacks.

Main baggage – the rest of the things should be placed in the main baggage like cloths as per the destinations need like t-shirts,paints, woolens,nightwear, jackets, swim-suits, raincoat, shoes, shocks etc for all the members including childrens or baby. For hill stations always keep a pair of woolen with you even in summer as you never know the nights could become very cold and uncomfortable for kids.

7. Travelling with Baby

  • If travelling with a baby you need to make an extra hand bag only for the baby which will contain all the things that you understand may be needed starting from daipers, changing mat , baby food, Plastic plate/bowl/mug, comforter / soothers etc to a pair of cloths. Always dress the baby in comfortable cloths while on vacations. For childrens always carry their activity books, comics, magazines, favourite teddy/toy etc to keep them happy.
  • If you are going on a specific type of holiday you may need to add specialist items. Like if you are going for trekking you may need climbing boots,gloves, snow googles, tents etc

8. Documents to carry

  • Always carry Identity cards
  • credit/debit cards
  • Tavel Tickets and hotel booking confirmation with photo copies of the same.
  • If travelling in your own vehicle driving licence, Car insurance, PUC certificate etc.

9. Accessories that may help

  • Extra pair of eye- glasses
  • Cap or Sun-Hat
  • Gloves
  • Ice-Packs
  • First-Aid kit with indigestion pills,mosquito repellent,headache pills, band-aid
  • Travel Iron
  • Memory card for Camera
  • Laptop
  • Tourist Map / travel guide of Destination
  • Luggage chains with lock
  • Umbrella
  • Binoculars
  • A pocket diary

10. Before you leave

  • To avoid calls and disturbances during holidays, set up an Out of Office Reply on you E-mails properly ensuring deligation of responsibilities during your holiday
  • Inform your relative or close friend that you are leaving for holiday.
  • Secure your home. On the day when you leave your home for holiday please take some extra time to do these things
  • Once you done packing , please organise your things so that when you come back you find it pleasent.
  • Empty the fridge of any item that may spoil , empty your garbage bins too.
  • Make sure that all doors and windows are closed properly. Double check and ensure that windows are covered with curtains so noone can look inside.
  • If you have security cameras or light timers installed make sure they are working and put all other electical or electronics items like LCD, Fridge, Washing Machine, Microwave etc plugged out of the electric socket.
  • Make proper arrangement for your pets with a place or person that he is familiar with.
  • Ask a family member or a trusted neighbour to regularly check on the house and remove any mail from your door.
  • Check all your tickets booking documents and keep them handy in the handbag.

We hope we have covered everything you might need on holiday but our list is not definitive.

These information and check-list will help you to plan a memorable and perfect holiday for yourself or for your family/ friends.

Enjoy your Holiday !!   Happy Journey !!    AAO CHALE

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