5 Best Places in India to Celebrate New Year

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Why Uttarakhand is Great Choice for Holiday

Why uttarakhand should be your choice for holiday destinations.

Uttarakhand is a state located in the northern part of India bordering the state of Himachal Pradesh in the west, Uttar Pradesh in south with Nepal in East and Tibet in North.  86% of Uttarakhand is mountainous and most of the northern part is covered with high Himalayan Peaks and Glaciers from where many rivers originate. 65% of the state is covered with forest which is home to thousands of varieties of Flora and Fauna.

Top 10 Holiday Destinations and Holiday Packages from Delhi

Delhi is one of the big cosmopolitan and capital city of India. It attracts people from all work of life and so the population of Delhi is very high. When it comes to entertainment and spending quality time with family and friends there are lot of choices within delhi like parks , monuments , temples , museums , shopping malls , multiplexes ,restaurants,  water parks , zoo and many more.

But you cannot get the feel of  a hill station in delhi !!

Thankfully Delhi is very near to some of the most popular holiday destinations in India and that’s why during vacations you will see yourself , your friends , your colleagues all planning for someplace outside delhi.

Presenting here below are the top 10 holiday destinations from Delhi where you should spend at least 2 nights with a good holiday package.

Have a look and say Aaochale !! 

5 Tips for Great Summer Vacation

Yippee !!  The summer time is coming. Your friends will go on holiday, your neighbors will go on holiday , your colleague will go on holiday , your boss will go on holiday, your kids will have school holidays.

Have you planned for summer vacation?  Not yet? Then do it now  and book your holiday because the best time is this time to avoid seasons rush.

Summer vacations are the prime time for most of the Indian to plan their holiday with friends and family. Some people plan for a short vacation some people plan for longer. Some people go to nearby places some go to distant places. Some go for adventure some go for hill stations. So what is your taste?

Whatever your plan is, here are 5 tips for you to make your summer vacations a memorable for life.

Checklist-Before you go on holiday

In India going on holiday is a dream come true for the entire family or a group. Some holiday plans are made months before but some are made at the last moment. It is always expected that your holiday becomes a memorable experience to cherish for a life time. We put in here some of the essential things that you need to keep in mind before you go on a holiday.

India a tourist paradise

India is a beautiful country and has attracted people for all over the world since ancient times.Its rich and diverse geography , culture ,customs and languages have made people eager to explore more and more about India. Having such a big diversity India is becoming one of the popular tourist destinations in the world.