• Gurudwara Hemkund Sahib in Hemkund Sahib

Hemkund Saheb is the highest Gurudwara of Sikh community and Its design, which was done keeping in mind the location and climate, makes it the only pentagonal gurudwara in the world. It was during the thirties of the twentieth century that the place was discovered by Sant Sohan Singh and Bhai Madan Singh. Collective efforts of Sikh pioneers backed by the community support led to the construction of gurudwara Later on the bank of Hemkund Lake.

Nestled amidst seven snow capped peaks and marvelous snowy glaciers. The nature is reflected here with all its mighty appearance in the crystal clear alluring water of the lake. Hemkund lake is fed by the glaciers from majestic peaks known as Hathi Parvat and Saptrishi peaks. Devotees take the water from the lake back to their home as it is considered amrit.

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Hemkund Sahib