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A memorable way of exploring Kaziranga is on elephant-back as these gentle creatures tread through the tall grass. The park's prized possessions, the rhinos, are usually found in good numbers grazing with deer and buffaloes.

Another option is to see the park is to take the jeep safari which is also highly recommended, as it offers the added benefit of covering a vast expanse in a relatively short span of time.

Kaziranga is an international Biosphere Reserve with the largest, unspoilt grassland of its kind still surviving in the Northeast of India. The tall grasses and reeds also called 'elephant grass' grow upto a height of five meters during the rains. In the Western Range theses grasslands predominate with shorter grasses growing around the bheels. Locally called Ekra, Khagori, Nal and Ulu Kher, tall grasses cover 41 per cent and short grasses 11 per cent of Kaziranga, with open jungle extending across another 29%, swamps 4%, rivers and water bodies 8% and plain sand 6%, so much variety in a single Jungle

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