• Khandala toursim, Khandala tour packages from delhi
  • Khandala toursim, Khandala tour packages from delhi
  • Khandala toursim, Khandala tour packages from delhi
  • Khandala toursim, Khandala tour packages from delhi
  • Khandala toursim, Khandala tour packages from delhi

Khandala Lonavala Tourism

A perfect weekend destination also famous among trekkers

Find here places to visit in khandala, khandala tour package, khandala hotels

Khandala Tourism

  • India
  • Maharashtra
  • 2000 ft
  • Khandala
  • Pune - 70km
  • Excellent
  • 15°C to 25°C
  • 25°C to 35°C
  • 1720 km
  • 1480 km
  • 2020 km
  • 90 km

aaochale - Khandala

Welcome to Khandala tourism. Find here information about Khandala tourism , Khandala tour packages from delhi, how to reach Khandala, best time to visit Khandala, places of interest in Khandala, our recommended hotels in Khandala and much more.

Khandala is a are popular tourist spots in the western ghats of Maharashtra and is very famous among the people of Mumbai and pune and nearby towns because of ease of accessibility and the pleasant weather away from the crowd of cities. Tourists come to Khandala throughout the year but the best time to visit Khandala is after monsoon from the month of sep when the whole valley turns green reflecting the charm of nature. If you like to get drenched in rain and want to see the waterfalls gusting from the mountains then visit in monsoon but keep in mind that the place becomes slippery and l.... Read More

Explore Khandala Tour Packages

Browse our variety of Khandala tour packages from Delhi. All our packages offer taxi for travel, stay in hand picked hotel with meals at best of customer service. All our packages can be modified and offered to you as per your choices.

Places of Interest in Khandala

Amrutanjan Point Khandala-Lonavala

Amrutanjan point is located high up in Khandala and provides excellent view of the places nearby and the valley. The point is a well suited location for an enormous sight of the valley and of expressway with vehicles speeding on it as well as the Duke's Nose which is another good spot visi.... Read More

Bhushi Lake Khandala-Lonavala

Bhushi Lake situated in Khandala is the ideal spot for all those who wish to relax in the lap of Mother Nature. Its serene and tranquil surroundings and crystal clear water provides immense opportunities for the tourists to rest in peace.

Karla and Bhaja Cave Khandala-Lonavala

Nestling in the hills Karla and Bhaja Caves are rock-cut caves ranked amongst the oldest and finest examples of Early Buddhist temple art in India.  The Karla Cave, the largest Early Buddhist shrine in India, imitates the look of more familiar wooden architecture. Completed in 80 BC,.... Read More

During rainy season

Khandala lonavala becomes hot destination for the tourist around during the rainy season. During this season this place becomes green medow and lots and lots of waterfalls emerge from the hills. It is an amazing experience to visit during monsoon season.