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Holiday In - Aao Chale

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Places Of Interest in

Shanti Stupa

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Shanti Stupa is the most famous tourist place of Leh, situated at a height of 4267 meters overlooking the Leh city, it gives a panoramic view of surrounding snow capped mountains . Situated at a distance of about 5 from the Leh city that can be reached by road or by climbing 500 steps . The location of Shanti Stupa is such that it is visible from all over Leh city. It is a white dome Stupa (Chorten) built on a Changspa, a steep  hill, opposite the Leh Palace different in architecture  from the Ladhakhi style gives a magnificent view at sunrise and sunset, it looks more beautiful at night illuminated in the white light. It was built by the Ladakhi and Japanese Buddhists, Ladakhis offered voluntary labor, construction started in 1983 and it was inaugurated in August 1991 by His Holiness The Dalai Lama. It was built to promote world peace and prosperity and to commemorate the 2500 years of Buddhism.

Leh Palace

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Leh Palace 15 minutes walk from leh market overlooks the Ladakhi Himalayan town of Leh, modelled on the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet. The palace was built by King Sengge Namgyal in the 17th century. Leh Palace is nine storey high; the upper floors accommodated the royal family, the stables and store rooms were in the lower floors. The palace, a ruin, is currently being restored by the Archaeological Survey of India. Famous for beautiful gardens and the view of sunrise as well as sunset is amazing from the palace. At present, the palace is open to visits and presents a collection of royal attires, crown and other royal materials. It will take around 4 to 5 hours to explore the whole palace. The richest collection of jewellery, ornaments, Thangkas and so on is in the Palace Museum. One finds in the museum ceremonial dresses, crowns, and centuries-old pieces of jewellery. 

Thiksey Monastery

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Thiksey Monastery is the largest monastery in central Ladak district in Jammu and Kashmir. It is situated 18 km from Leh in the Indus valley. The Tibetan Buddhist monastery of Gelugpa sect of Tibetan Buddhism is located at the top of hill. The monastery is famous for its architecture and its location.  The 12 storey monastery has 10 temples, assembly hall, and residence for 120 monks and nunnery. The monastery buildings are structured in hierarchal order. There is one big statue of Maitreya (future Buddha) which covers almost two floor of the monastery that is 40 feet in height. Tara temple of Goddess Tara is another major attraction for the visitors. Apart from visiting monastery one can also find some rare and precious stupas, statues, thangkas, wall paintings and swords in the monastery. Due to its proximity to Leh the morning prayer at the monastery attracts huge crowds. The monastery offers clear view of the Indus Valley and some monastery like Shey, Stok and Matho can also be seen from here. 

Pangong Lake

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One of the most famous lake in india Pangong lake is a high altitude lake which changes color as the sun passes over it from morning till evening and has become a hot tourist destination for visitors at 6 hours drive from Leh. It is situated near indo-China border and spreads across India and China. The surroundings of the lake are spectacular with snow capped mountains which reflects in the lake water making amazing view.  The lakeside is a great place to enjoy a camp-out with friends and. But unlike lakes in other parts of India there is absolutely no shops or settlements here so take food and supplies with you. There is a souvenir shop at the entrance of the lake - a great place to buy T-shirts, mugs, caps and hats.

Zanskar the Virgin Valley

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Zanskar the Virgin Valley is one of the most fascinating destinations in the tourism circuit of Leh and Ladakh. It is situated to the southwest of Leh and southeast of Kargil. Regarded as a place with distinct topography and surprising panorama, this semi-desert area falls in the northern territory of the Himalayas. It is flanked by Doda and Kargyag rivers, which are tributaries of the Zanskar River. High mountain passes, huge rocks, sprawling vales, gurgling streams and verdant meadows dominate the landscape of this pristine valley. The rough and less trodden terrains of this region provide a brilliant opportunity for trekking and mountaineering while its gushing rivers serve as perfect venues for white water rafting. Owing to its harsh climatic conditions, this place stays almost inaccessible for most parts of the year. Visitors coming to Zanskar have to drive a mettle road or trek the scenic route that leads to the region.

Magnetic Hill

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Magnetic Hill is a popular tourist attraction of Leh and an ideal spot for photography, wherein visitors can click pictures of the unspoilt surroundings. Situated at an elevation of 14000 feet near Leh in Ladakh, Magnetic Hill is a gravity hill that is believed to possess strong magnetic properties. To the east of this hill flows the Sindhu River, which originates from Tibet. It is said that the magnetic force at this place pulls cars uphill and forces aircraft to increase their altitude so as to escape the interference caused by the effect. Although many stories are associated with this place, scientists affirm that all of this is merely a result of an optical illusion formed by the hill.

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